A fence not only acts as a demarcation for your property, but also, keeps your kids and pets safe. It doesn’t really matter whether you own a farm or townhouse; keeping your fence in top-notch condition is of paramount importance. Properly maintained fences will help keep your pets, livestock and kids safely housed within the confines of your property. However, fences wear and tear over time due to harsh climatic conditions among other factors, meaning it would be in your best interest to repair them regularly to avoid unwanted circumstances. With that, here are some essential fence repair tips to help you next time you have a fencing issue.

Fence Repair Tips:

Before anything else, it is worth mentioning that the different types of fence companies okc out there will require different repair techniques. In a nutshell, the approach you take should be based upon the type of fence you have.

Wire Fences – wire fences are popular and in fact, among the best on the market. However, they tend sag or break after a while and when this happens, all you need is a hammer. To repair a broken wire, use an extra wire – one or two feet long – to loop the ends of the broken parts. Now, anchor the loose ends between the hammer’s claws prior to twisting it until the wire tightens to your preference. Untwist the hammer slowly and make sure to leave the wire tight at the bend. Finish up by wrapping the ends of the wire around itself while still tight.

Rotten Posts – you know its time to get new posts when the treated ones in place are also rotten. However, a wobbly post that is still solid and in shape can be easily fixed by placing crushed stones around its base and hitting them in place using a sledgehammer. This can also be used to fix old gateposts that may be wearing down your gate.

Wooden Fences – wood fences are extremely durable and in fact, can serve you a lifetime if well maintained. However, maintaining wood fences will provide a challenge if their work is to confine your horses. For those in the dark, horses are known to chew on wood poles and posts meaning that your brand new wood fence will likely not last as much. To avoid this, use wood preservatives or foul-tasting products to discourage them from chewing on your fence.

Fence Repair and Installation Services:

If your fence is way past its prime, you should probably consider having a new one installed by professional fence companies. For years now, many companies has been at the forefront of providing the best fence repair okc and installation service, this side of town. The experts possess sufficient knowledge on the latest technologies and techniques; meaning no task is too big or small for them. Fencing is their forte, and you can always be guaranteed of their technicians surpassing your expectations. Among the fence types their contractors work on include:

– Chain link fences

– Wood fences

– Aluminum fences

– PVC fences

– Vinyl fences

– Wrought iron fences.

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